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Hi there, I’m Lauren. If you’ve suffered through a health crisis – or are suffering through one right now – you are aware of how big of an impact that crisis has on every facet of your life. My job is to help you and your family navigate the emotional impact of a health diagnosis or chronic illness with the goal of finding balance and hope for the future.

Maybe you’re in a dark place right now, or maybe that’s true for someone close to you. Life doesn’t have to stay that way. I believe that everyone deserves a chance at a joyful, healthy life and together we can get there. Don’t settle for less than what is possible.

I can help.

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What I Do

Health Related Therapy

A health crisis can be a very lonely, scary place. In the whirl of all the doctors’ visits, tests and diagnoses eventually reality sets in: your life will never be the same. I’m here to support you.
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Type I Diabetes Therapy

Have you or someone you care about been diagnosed with Type I Diabetes? Maybe the diagnosis was a day ago, maybe it was a decade ago; either way, it’s a hard burden to bear both physically and emotionally. I can help.
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General Therapy

Are you motivated to make changes in your life? Are you hungry for change or support? Are you wanting to create a joyful life and aren’t sure how to do that? I would love to help!
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Believe things can be better: Believe in Joy.

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